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With a career history rich in diversity, Gary Beasley holds senior creative positions that feature a full spectrum of accounts ranging from broadcast to beauty to medical, entertainment, sports, luxury lifestyle, hospitality and public service. A graduate of Indiana University's distinguished Herron School of Art and Design, Gary earned his BFA degree in visual communication with honors and continues his education daily.

Working with some of the widest-selling skincare, cosmetic and sun protection products worldwide, Gary is a major creative force behind the retail image and visual marketing strategies of numerous international product lines including the Australian Gold brands, Wolff System, Caribbean Gold and Swedish Beauty. As photo art director and video producer, he has worked a range of location and studio shoots for major lifestyle brands featuring celebrity talent and world-class fashion models.

Within the broadcast industry, he has been responsible for the overall on-air, print and corporate identity of top market regional independent and network affiliate broadcast facilities. While employed by various ad agencies and design studios, Mr. Beasley has excelled solving design and creative challenges for major companies such as Sears corporation, Discover Card and Eli Lilly including marketing material for Lilly's flagship product brand Prozac.

As creative director and founder of EyePeace Media Arts, Gary Beasley is a laser-focused leader who partners with clients daily to resolve complex marketing and advertising challenges. Chiefly a hands-on ideation strategist, he specializes in design and conceptual development that consistently delivers top-level returns on all project investment.

Contact Mr. Beasley regarding his availability for full-time senior creative positions, long-term or short-term in-house contract positions as well as freelance projects and creative consultation.


Gary Beasley
Indianapolis, IN


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